Just a cotton pickin’ minute…

Well between yesterday and today (and somewhat before that) my tired body and brain has been in knots (yarn and otherwise) as been feeling slightly feverish and very washed-out with a mysterious virus that has compounded my existing health issues.  So it has been hard to focus.  It has just been hard, to be honest. Concentration limited, I find myself a bit snowed under with a cotton stash, almost wanting to do two or three things at once!  And I do have a substantial cotton stash full of promise and colour to make use of.

The summer is an ideal time for the lighter cotton textures and it is lovely to work with.  Though, some tougher cottons can be a bit tiring on the hands as they can have less “give” than a wool yarn.

Anyway, a browse online yesterday revealed a lovely site where I found a nice “Maybelle” granny square pattern, here: http://myrosevalley.blogspot.se/2013/06/maybelle-square-crochet-pattern.html

I used Drops Paris with a 5mm hook and made an ok first effort but I don’t think I was at my crafting (or anything!) best.  I actually usually use 4.5mm (though the packaging suggestion is 5mm) and that little extra did make a difference. Perhaps this would work better with a smaller needle or hook and even a finer, lighter yarn.  (I may just have something in my stash for that…)  Trial and error is a familiar crafting concept!

I love the colour range (and soft texture) offered by the Norwegian brand, Drops.  And they have a sale on at the moment! Self-control needed here!: http://www.garnstudio.com

I must admit that sometimes there is an inclination for individual threads to “split” so you have to be careful to avoid literally catching yourself out on the crochet hook.   I spoke to an English knitter recently (while on holiday in the UK) and she said the biggest difference between Norwegian and British yarn is how the multi-threads are put together.  She said that British yarns were generally more secure, twisted together.

What do you think, crafters?  How many of you are using cotton this summer, or year-round for that matter?

I have had to accept a lot of rest breaks and recovery is frustratingly slow and not straight forward.  However, crafting in between is still a great therapy.

You might notice an orange cat (matching the orange yarn) in the pictures sneaking in for cuddle half way.  Tiger is brother to Mina who appeared in my last post.  Both kitties are also a comfort but are outside much this time of year.  Can’t blame them.

Ok, time to recover again a little bit.  Cup of tea…


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