Ingrid Roth’s studio: an idyllic setting for inspiration and fika.

The sun is shining today and it was an ideal afternoon to take fika (the Swedish institution of coffee and something sweet) at our neighbour/ friend’s house up the road.  With Mum’s freshly made rhubarb crumble and the nearest thing to custard (Swedish vanilla sauce) to hand, we walked the short distance up the road with our cat following behind, meowing all the way.

Ingrid is an amazing artist who designed her own studio, situated right next to her house, here in the village in Krokom, northern Sweden. It was another great opportunity to look around at her inspiring paintings as well as all the trinkets and fine things that add character to her studio.  I discovered that Ingrid also likes to knit and has an impressive stash in the main house in a bright array of colours and textures.

So the cross over between art with paint and art with yarn is perhaps a natural one.  We discussed the similarities in artistic and musical composition too.  With Ingrid as artist and myself as musician I guess it isn’t surprising we both have a common creativity through yarn.  I have noticed many interesting folks out in blog world have similar cross-skill interest that match my own.

Photography, for example, is a common interest for many yarn-lovers and bloggers.  I did not have my good camera to hand but the mobile phone is hopefully decent enough to pass on the inspiration I felt from visiting Ingrid’s amazingly vibrant – yet calm and peaceful – creative space.

Ingrid has her own website which is a visual delight.  Do pop by at
I am so lucky that I can literally just pop by up the road for inspiration – and a yummy fika!


5 responses to “Ingrid Roth’s studio: an idyllic setting for inspiration and fika.

  1. So happy you shared these inspiring cozy photo’s! Really, I could live there;0) I will check out her website too! Hmmm, fika, I am inspired to that as well. The humidity dropped and I crave crumble with peaches and hmm, yes custard! Hugs from the States

    • Hej Johanna! I am glad you enjoyed it and I understand your crumble and custard cravings! 😉 It is an idyllic location and the studio is an inspiring work space. Kram (hug) from sunny Sweden!

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