WordPress Family Award – Thank You

Wow! Thanks to Monsteryarns for nominating Garnharmoni for an award. I am new to WordPress, having joined just over a week ago. Already, I can see a warm, supportive community generously sharing ideas and our enthusiasm for creativity. Thanks and happy crafting!

Monster Yarns

On Thursday a surprising thing happened, kfklever nominated me for the WordPress Family Award. I have to admit, I started blogging as those in the know unanimously declared that if you have an on-line business, you’ve “got to” blog. I knew nothing about blogging and had no idea what to expect.

A few months in, and blogging is one of the things about the business that is most successful and one that I enjoy. I have “met” people, learnt things, seen projects which I would have missed but for WordPress. I am able to enjoy my craft without feeling odd, or as if I were a “batty old woman”. No-one is critical (at least directly) and I have received untold support from total strangers. For someone with an incredibly small family who are rather put-upon by my hobby/business, I’m thankful.

I am grateful to kfklever for her nomination as well…

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