Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 16

See more detailed photos of Eleonora’s wonderful Coastal Crochet CAL here in her latest update. You might notice my humble Garnharmoni blanket is featured in her weekly hall of fame! 😉 Why not follow / join in with the fun? It’s not too late to catch up! 🙂

Coastal Crochet


For Week 16 (and for 1 week only 😉 ) we have a total of 6 rows! 🙂 This is because I release the first 2 rows for each week every Monday over on Instagram and felt that the ‘Basketweave’ stitch which this week begins with was best released as a full set of 4 rows so that the full effect can be enjoyed…so that’s what I did and I thought I would still release 2 rows today – hence 6 in total… 🙂 🙂

But before we get onto this weeks rows, here’s the usual round-up of blankets from Instagram ….fabulous aren’t they!? 🙂


So the first 4 rows for this week are ‘Basketweave stitch’… I love this stitch effect which is created by crocheting combinations of Raised treble front and Raised treble back stitches. The result is really effective and like all crochet, surprisingly simple to do!



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