Birthday Bloom – Garnharmoni debut design!


Very excited to be part of the #365daysofcrochet project! Today marks my birthday and my first official published design. As a member of The Crochet Hook Up Group on Facebook and Instagram, I am part of a kind, creative and supportive crochet community. We design and test one another’s pattern before sharing on social media for everyone to enjoy the daily flowers for free, continuing the admirable work begun by Emily of The Loopy Stitch.

My pattern is quick and simple make with 6 rounds and I hope you enjoy it! ❤🌻

Please see pattern published on The Crochet Hook Up Group on Instagram and Facebook and copied directly here:



Happy flower making! Why not join in #365daysofcrochetflowers and begin by checking out the free patterns by The Loopy Stitch here:


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