Long overdue update / colourful crochet

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything in this humble blog of mine. Long story short, I have had some tough times behind the scenes and last winter I had 3 hospital admissions via ambulance for acute exacerbation of severe asthma and it has been a slow recovery since. Two steps forward and all that. Breathing is a challenge every day and mostly I manage with my nebuliser (I even got a new fancy one):


However, sometimes infections hit hard and I end up in hospital or at home on an endless loop of some recovery then set back… My “social” diary is with various doctor s, nurses, physiotherapist, etc.

I am working part-time as a musician. I teach private instrumental lessons and I am proud to be the Assistant Conductor of two orchestras in Stockholm. The hardest part of my job is not memorising the score or standing up and leading a group of musicians… It’s the hardest thing to just get there. My “hyper reactive airways” are so sensitive that perfume or cigarette smoke triggers attacks and sadly the Stockholmers like to dress up and smell “nice” on the underground and many a platform or stairwell is perfect loitering territory for the smokers. It has got to point where my doctor has signed off an application to get help with disability travel which in itself is scary. It’s notoriously difficult to get, even with a medical certificate.

Anyway, that’s the boring bit out the way… unless I go on a bit too much about not being able to play my beloved clarinet or to go on tour with the band…

I have been huffing and puffing. I have even been huffing and puffin:

I really must finish this poor bird without wings or feet! It comes from the wonderful book, “Animal Friends of Pica Pau” by Yan Schenkel.

I am in two crochetalongs / CAL projects in which I am blissfully behind in both. I like it like that because I can take it on my own schedule and play catch up as and when. Usually it involves a mad flurry of activity and then a slight sliw down. The first is the fantastic flower brainchild of “The Loopy Stitch”, #365daysofcrochetflowers. That’s right a new bloom for every day of the year. The exciting thing is there is now a new nerd group on Facebook and Instagram “The crochet hook up group” where the project has been opened up to crocheters worldwide to add designs and to test for each other before publication.

My debut design is due to be published on 27th April which is a perfect way to mark my birthday! I also highly recommend Emily’s / The Loopy Stitch book, “Round and Round the Crochet Hook” where I made these coasters.

Making these flowers brighten even the toughest days. It’s fun how many people stop by to have a look and a chat if I male it out to a cafe. Colourful crochet is an instant mood booster!

And that links to my super bright stash (with an order for some more, ahem…) and the second CAL I started over the weekend. It’s “Coastal Crochet CAL” on Facebook and the patterns are in http://www.coastalcrochet.com. Please note this is in UK terms, if like me you are more used to US terms (despite being British!) I am already addicted so I am off to make waves.

*waves goodbye*



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