International language of yarn…



An overdue update! The best way to bring some colour and life into the dark month of November is to crochet and knit in vibrant colours! Not only that, but it has been a busy time recently for custom orders and birthday gifts.

The pictures are a selection of my crazy crafting while spending quite a lot of time at home and at my parents’ place in mid-northern Sweden convalescing. My asthma remains out of control and I have taken a turn for the worse with.the complications of a chest infection. It means I am staying longer than planned at my parents’ place but since Dad has also just left hospital it’s nice to be some company and support to my folks as well as resting.

The lovely Greta of Atercrochet, is a favourite designer of mine.  The Russian doll figure and glasses case are her designs at Atergcrochet on Etsy. She is so kind as I have ordered quite a few patterns she actually gave me some free patterns as a thank you! ❤

The perfect medicine to my fever came in the form of messages between myself and the wonder that is Petra, a lady who has a fantasy-filled yarn shop in Munich and colourful Youtube videos in yarn technicolour to brighten even the toughest day! Such a kind lady, I got in touch to ask if one of her patterns was available in English. She replied to say it was only in German but with plenty of photos I might work it out… but she would send it for free so I could try! And then Petra found a rosy pattern in English she also sent me as a gift! ❤

How lovely! The language of yarn is international, the passion and obsession with handicrafts worldwide, the kindness in abundance joined by needles or hook and a common purpose. Even more meaningful when times are tough at home and in the news streaming through our TV, internet and phones. How wonderful instead to receive kindness and a connection. ❤

Do check out Petra’s patterns here:

I hope to make this wonderful creation of hers soon:kosmetiktuecherbox-sofa-604x450.jpg

The perfect place for a tissue box!!

If you need a smile, check out Petra’s Youtube videos.

Happy crafting and keep spreading the yarn harmony or Garnharmoni! 🙂


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