These past weeks have been rather intensive. Asthma attacks, hospital emergencies, asthma rehab, complications, infections, bronchial over-sensitivity to the outside world. Now ordered by the consultant to stay indoors a while longer while at this level of infection in combination with outside triggers (weather, pollen, people smoking, perfume, etc.)

The darker the days, the brighter the crochet! See the picture gallery is quite cheerful. Hence, “purse-severance” as the title. I am making purses with variations in design and different shapes and sizes with the hope of selling them. Some have already been made to order and some are looking for a new home. 😉 It is always hard to sell handmade items but I can have fun trying and try to come up with some new ideas along the way …

So from hospital beds, cosy rosy armchairs in asthma rehabilitation or at home I focus my energy on what I can do, try to focus less on what I can’t. Crochet stitches help turn away from the heavy, blocked chest or painful right ear as this latest viral chest infection has apparently spread across my connected sinus tubes…

I confess when I do attack, it is disabling and scary – depending on the severity. I pride myself on being calm. Usually.

So if an attack comes that I can’t medicate at home, I have to go to the hospital.  I take a bag packed with appropriate asthma medicines, but also make room for this little fellow, Marmalade. The pattern is by Happy Berry Crochet.


I also take yarn and hook as after the inhalation it is often many hours to wait or sometimes an overnight stay.

I can highly recommend the following on Etsy:

Atergcrochet –  for beautiful colourful purse and other crochet patterns

RoyalcraftPT – for purse clasps

I have adapted the original purse pattern by joining the base with crochet instead of sewing. I like the firmer base and shaping. I also adapted an overlay pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet at the centre to make a round purse. The mini granny squares are the beginning of another purse design by Atergcrochet which I must get back to…

I just purchased more of her cute and colourful designs and I am about to pick out some more Catona cotton… quite dangerous being housebound with a WiFi connection. 😉

Happy crafting!




6 responses to “Purse-serverance

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. It must be very stressful and scary to have an asthma attack but you sound like you have a good attitude towards it. Love your crochet and Lilla Bjorn’s patterns.

    • Thanks Nicola. Yes Lilla Bjorn is the queen of overlay crochet and I like Atergcrochet on Etsy as she has such colourful and cosy creations.
      It has been a long and winding road for about a year, the severe asthma diagnosis has hit hard -scary, disabling, frustrating, stressful… I keep on trying to stay positive and creative. I really appreciate you popping by to help keep up the encouragement to keep blogging. ❤
      Thanks again, Christina

  2. Christina, your artistry and strength during this difficult time is so inspiring. I am so hoping that you find some relief soon. Sending love!

    • Thank you, dear Mary! I am certainly keeping my crochet hook and brain busy. Trying my best to focus on creativity and calm during the storm. Hugs to you from Stockholm! /Christina

    • Thanks so much, Marjan! I really admire your work on your blog too – so colourful and cheerful! I am still struggling with my health and the crochet definitely helps – as does your kind comments! Time to update the blog perhaps as I have made lots of crochet cats this past month. 😉 Thanks for popping by and connecting on Instagram too. 🙂

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