Crochet and concerts

The latest addiction – I mean project – is making lovely bursts of cotton colour into handy little purses! The pattern is by ATERGcrochet on Etsy. I use Catona cotton by Scheejpes and a 2.5mm hook.

The first purse went to my friend Nadja, another in progress for my dear Mum. I wonder would there be a market for these purses, could I make my own designs and also adapt the shape to include square as well as round clasp frames?

The purse clasps were also bought on Etsy and I was impressed by how quickly they were delivered from Portugal.  In fact I emailed shop owner Eva to ask why there was a small triangular gap on some of the frames (here bottom right):


I got a quick email reply to say it can be used like this:

Alongside still not quite finishing my Enchanted Mesa sleeve, I have been playing again! It has been really challenging, but so happy to be working as a freelance musician within my capabilities after a diagnosis this year of severe asthma.

In a few days a birthday and in a month I go to a two week residential asthma rehabilitation course in Sigtuna, two hours north of Stockholm…


So music and crafting, my two passions working harmoniously together: yarn harmony or, in Swedish, Garnharmoni! 🙂

Ps The roses I bought match my pink cotton (subliminal selection?) The red bouquet still wrapped in foil was a gift from the Maestro for my part playing clarinet and being Assistant Conductor to the Södertälje Symphony Orchestra.


3 responses to “Crochet and concerts

  1. I just did a search on there for “crocheted coin purse” and it looks like there are a lot of them on Etsy. However, I would say further research would need to be conducted to see if they were profitable 🙂 They are very lovely! Glad to hear you are playing again and the asthma seems to be under control slightly.

  2. Thanks Paula. Yes, it is always hard to make crafting profitable but it is always very enjoyable at least. 😉 The bright colours cheer up the grey days, or even the sunny ones! I just got some more colours in cotton arrive on a postal delivery so more choices of combinations. 🙂 The asthma is still up and down but I remain hopeful that it will improve… Thanks again, Christina

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