Colourful work by The Twisted Yarn and colourful yarn with a twist…


Wow!  Look at this wonderful way to work with colour!  I love doing stranded knitting and the last posts have had a focus on fair isle knitting. I really think The Twisted Yarn has added a great… well, twist, to working with colour.  Here using a variegated yarn as the background and a black yarn to paint the landscape in silhouette.

Indeed it is yarn art!  All the details and a free pattern can be found on The Twisted Yarn’s award-winning blog.  Check it out.  It currently stands at 13 on the Revelry faves list, but I think this one is deserving of the top spot.

Meanwhile, I have been on chiropractor’s orders to try to keep moving as much as possible.  Spring is in the air here in Stockholm so it is the perfect time to get out and slowly build up my recovery from a complicated set of long-term health problems.  Most  notably is the severe asthma which makes it hard to get out and about.  I am determined. I am fighting attacks around the clock but grateful that I have my nebuliser and that I can still work part-time. I am shifting focus on teaching my lovely students at the music studio and conducting.  I long to play my beloved clarinet and sax again but music is in my working life and for that I am also very grateful…

I am taking well-needed rest, gentle movement and knitting therapy along the way.

What better way to take a sunny stroll than with knitting in hand?…


I just found a yummy stash of yarn that had long been waiting for a special project… 17492935_1470019449697009_1945012406327852900_o

Please note, those looking to the lamb pictured for scale, she in herself is not full-sized (though remarkably soft!) so the stash is not as huge as the picture implies. 😉 I am making a larger project (more on this later) so I am adding in other similar weight yarns in single colours to make this yummy yarn go further and to add some colour contrasts.  This yarn is called “mörkt karamell” which is “dark caramel” (as in those sweets that the sweet-toothed Swedes like to chomp on rather than the gooey soft stuff.)  Luckily this dark caramel is sugar-free enjoyment!  I am mixing a larger project with other single-colour yarns to make my limited supplies of this gorgeous pick n’mix go a bit further.

Talking of sugar-free enjoyment… Well, er, today is officially Swedish Waffle Day!  Yes, that is right folks. The sun is shining and though my wool is staving off some of the cravings, it seems too good an opportunity to miss.  Sugar will inevitably feature on the menu inside that delicious Swedish speciality “hjortonsylt” or cloudberry jam…

25f73d64e77a888ff67948b122e0b1af     Happy waffle day!



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