Harris Tweed, Scottish dreams…


Here is a short film on the wonderful tradition that is Harris Tweed. Well worth a watch, short and sweet and a bit of well-needed escapism…

One day I would love to visit the Shetland Isles since I am so in love with the yummy yarn and the fair isle tradition. Dreams…

After making several keps, I am on a new project (pictured above.) Wonder how it will turn out… ? Quality time with the soft and beautifully coloured Jamiesons of Shetland yarn is soothing in the challenging times I find myself in. Still, the latest long wait at the doctor’s this morning allowed for quite a few stitches.

This time I am inspired by patterns from Alice Starmore’s book that arrived by post last week. A great resource of patterns and includes much on the geography and history of fair isle knitting.

Happy knitting!


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