Fair Isle Keps Continue…

At the risk of repetition, here are some cheerful pictures of keps in the Swedish winter sunshine!

I have been so inspired by the Facebook page devoted to making Fair Isle Shetland keps, that I just keep kepping! And now this page had 2000 members – most off whom seem to be as addicted as I am and there is a warm,  kind community of folks offering encouraging messages and thumbs up for a real boost and amazing artwork they themselves create for inspiration!

Each time I cast on, I relax but also try challenging myself in different pattern combinations with increasing intricacies with more colour changes. I am mixing Shetland yarn with Rauma finull. The more strands of colour, the more time it takes to knit (and to weave in ends!) but the end result is so pleasing that it seems worth it!

I can highly recommend the pattern books by Mary Jane Mucklestone for pattern inspiration – both Fair Isle and Scandinavian design books are excellent strarting points. Then it is a case of letting imagination and colour combinations go wild!

I have also purchased an online Craftsy lesson with Mary Jane Mucklestone on how to make a Fair Isle knitted vest that involves steeking. Yikes, I am not so experienced with the scissors and cutting into a knitted fabric seems a bit daring and counter-intuitive but I feel ready for the next level of challenge. 🙂

My visit to Krokom in northern Sweden comes to a close tomorrow but even all the way down south in Stockholm there is likely to be the perfect climate for kep wearing – and making!


The snow had gone a couple of weeks ago when this was taken in Gamla Stan, but who knows if another wintery blast will come? Keps at the ready I say!

Meanwhile, I am so honoured to have regular shares of my work and blog on the Facebook side, Highland Crafters, where I have been given VIP treatment and now appear to be part of the team, a Highland Crafter who is an English girl in Sweden making woolly Scottish hats!

Happy Knitting!


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