Keeping on kepping!

Well, I certainly have the kep knitting bug! I just can’t stop making these Fair Isle knitted hats! I started to make these only very recently after joining a very friendly Facebook group devoted to making these woolly wonders, first meant for the fishermen of Shetland. More on that here: Fisherman’s Kep

After my first attempt at making a kep I have since made them to order and as gifts. I am on a visit in the north of Sweden where the snow is falling and the log fire burning, the perfect setting for some seriously intensive (and quite speedy) knitting!

Before I left Stockholm I had the chance to hand-deliver a kep to musician friend Maria, who generously included a super-sized (yummy) semla into the bargain. It is that bun filled with a sweet almond paste and cream pictured above along with the back of Maria’s happy kep-wearing head. 🙂

I then made a kep as a gift for my dear Mum, finishing the hat on the 6 hour journey from Stockholm to Krokom in the north. It is based on blue with some pinks, her preferred palette. Then I made another one with quite intricate colourwork sometimes stranding with three colours at once (maybe for me?) Then, another kep in blues and pinks as another order requested in pastel shades. Phew!

It is quite amazing the level of addiction once you get started so be warned! The combinations of patterns and colours are limited only by imagination and yarn supplies. For that reason I supplemented my beloved but dwindling supply of Shetland yarn with Rauma “finull”, a Norwegian lambswool that blends really well.

On top of that I have been welcomed as part of the Highland Crafters team and they are kindly sharing my work on their Facebook page and sending encouraging messages, even perhaps possibility of future collaboration… exciting!

So lots of great knitting news. So much so, I almost don’t want to mention the ambulance call out last night after another bad asthma attack. It seems another virus has hit me hard and the asthma troubles continue. For that reason I have extended my stay with my folks to try to recuperate. Luckily, I packed light for the visit but did include lots of yarn and inspiring reading material!

I can recommend the annual by Shetland Wool Week, Fair Isle pattern book by Mary Jane Mucklestone and Medieval knitting charts online by Chris Laning.

Here is to the next kep… 😉






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