Garnharmoni has been talent spotted! :)



Just before I take my newly-blocked and dried Fisherman’s Kep for a walk, I have just enough to time to blow my own trumpet!

A Facebook page, Highland Crafters, spotted a picture of my kep that  I shared with the “The Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep Page.”  Well, from all those clever knitters and beautiful pieces of work in that group, this “work in progress” picture caught the eye of Highland Crafters:

“We have just discovered a fantastic #knittingblog with posts about #fairisle #knitwear and #Shetland #kep #hats #berets
Christina who writes the blog is an extremely talented maker as you will see from the photos on the blog.
#HighlandCraft #Highlandcrafters.”


Well, I am blushing… 😉

Anyway, it looks like a great site to visit for creative folks and they are open to sharing pictures of work with a link to Scottish tradition and culture.  Why not pop by and even share your Scottish-inspired handicrafts? Och aii!

See more here: Highland Crafters



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