Crochet comforts through tough times…

This has been a tough summer. It began with a nasty allergic reaction to bug bites and moved on to a viral bronchitis which then kicked my usually dorment asthma into a series of attacks. I have had several emergency room visits around the clock with breathing difficulties in need of inhalation and other medication at the hospital to open my airways.

And then a bacterial infection.

The extra blow (no pun intended) is I have just started my own business as freelance musician and teacher and for a clarinettist/saxophonist this condition is absolutely the worst.

At the beginning of my Queen Mandala project my Dad had been rushed into hospital with a near fatal stroke and heart attack. I dashed 6 hours north by train to be with my folks in Jämtland. Thankfully he is doing really well now but then I made the central ring of flowers as I sat with him and my mum at the hospital. I encouraging mum to join me and she found comfort in making her own Queen as we both waited to see how things would turn out.

Unfortunately, with each increase of mandala rounds my own health problems grew into a painful and prolongued period of illness. I completed the project a few weeks ago but still I am on a long road to recovery.

Before I got acutely ill, I already was managing a long-term illness and already nervously facing an operation to remove (probably non-threatening) myoma attached to my uterus. I still await that letter but as yet I am not fit enough for that procedure anyway.

All that and my other half has recently moved away to start a new job about 600km south of Stockholm in Malmö, 5 or so hours by train.

So through all this uncertainty, insecurity and confusion I am thankful for crochet and knitting under my fingertips. I am glad that I have something positive to show for these tough times. And am a little proud and very much love Shetland yarn which makes up the majority of this work.

Here is to healthier and happier times!


8 responses to “Crochet comforts through tough times…

    • Thanks Nicola. Yes a lot has haopened in a short space of time. Some of it very positive but blighted by poor health. They say life begins at 40 and since I reached that milestone in April I have been still waiting… 😉 Thank goodness for knit/crochet distractions! Hugs from Stockholm.

  1. Your blog, crochet and knitting works are so beautiful. I have just met on wordpress search. But I am so sad to hear that your health problem, I hope and wish you are better, nice to meet you. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much, Nia! I am still struggling health wise but making improvements while knitting and crocheting as usual… I haven’t popped by the blog For ages so it was lovely to see your message! I must get back into updating and your encouragement gives me some motivation to try to keep up the blog. Hugs from Stockholm! Christina

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