Crochet Maestra

I have just started up my own business, Maestra Pearce Music, working as a freelance musician and music teacher. Very excited to be part of a wonderful collaboration with other musicians sharing a fantastic studio in the heart of Stockholm.

A “maestra”is the female equivalent to the more well-known “maestro” and since it features in my new business name and since I will soon be conducting again I thought I should make a cosy crochet baton case.

I used a pattern by the Lilla Bjorn for an overlay crochet base and then continued around using tapestry crochet. The patterns came from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s excellent book, “200 Fair Isle Patterns.” The top was a spot of knitting with simple * YO, K2 tog* holes for a drawstring to fit at the top. I made a chain with 2 yarns together using a larger hook.  A great scrap yarn buster in mostly Shetland and Huldra yarn.





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