Severe bug bite allergy: thank goodness for antihistamine and crochet!

Well the good news is I have been having a very #craftysummer – a hashtag linking to The Craft Lab, a Stockholm-based craft group that recently gave Garnharmoni a mention in a topical blog post called: 5 ideas for a crafty summer.

And indeed number one is crochet! Hoorah! But unfortunately, next on my list has been a series of bug bites that started as itchy and quite quickly progressed to bruising, swelling and muscle spasms in my legs… Then breathing difficulty, swelling above the eyes, fever.  Long story short, I am drugged up on antihistamines, inhalors, steroids and painkillers.

A bit up and down with energy and concentration but in between, my comfort of crochet is my life-saver during this housebound period and now justifyable fear of the mosquitoes buzzing hungrily around me here in the countryside of northern Sweden.

So my large mandala project continues as does smaller crochet pieces in overlay crochet.  I have blocked my work, especially useful in the decorarive mandala – rather bubbly before washing and laying flat to dry. I am also trying to think up a few upcycling projects and a recent visit to the local Red Cross charity shop resulted in the purchase of cheap cushion covers and handbags awaiting some yarn-inspired decoration… More on that later! 😉

We have had quite impressive thunderstorms and rain here in Jämtland. Now it is a fine sunny evening full of buzzing bugs so I can only make use of the longer daylight sunlight hours from the inside looking out, back to crochet therapy and hopefully soon recovery…



2 responses to “Severe bug bite allergy: thank goodness for antihistamine and crochet!

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