Overly overlay!


Another day, another overlay project! This time a bracelet from a pattern yet again from the fantastic Lilla Björn who also has a wide selections of patterns for sale on Ravelry. I bought quite a few patterns as I seem overly addicted to overlay and there was a sale. The downloads are quick and easy and the photographs give invaluable step by step clarity to the challenges of this technique that I am still learning. Highly recommended!

Even my cats Mina and Tiger were mildly impressed by today’s effort. And the bracelet is doable in a day and comes in 2 sizes. Great for a present or for yourself. 😉

I am staying a while with my folks in northern Sweden.  There is a neighbouring village called Lit where you can find an old and cosy place to eat waffles and then look around an interesting collection of traditional textiles, furniture, interiors and even old musical instruments. A pretty good match of interests for a textile-enthusiased musician with an ongoing thirst for coffee…

I hope you enjoy the photographs from the rather sunny north of Sweden.

Happy crafting!




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