Machine Knitting


Today we had our “redovisning” or “presentation” for a machine knitting project at school.

I am an experienced hand-knitter but a novice at the machine!  I learned a lot along the way, not least to avoid wearing long sleeves (yes, I jammed my jumper in the machine -twice!) There is a lot of fine-tuning work to do by hand.  A surprising amount in fact.  And cable twists are a sight to behold but take a loooooong time!

I hope these pictures reveal a bit about the process of machine knitting and provide a bit of inspiration to anyone out there in blog land to give it a try.  I am hoping to keep going and to try more projects in the future as I just started to find my groove as the project time drew to a close.

The final details were knitted and crocheted by hand.  In fact it was a chance to catch up with all the murder and intrigue in the series “Shetland” showing on Swedish television while knitting with the delicious Shetland yarn!

Let us say it was a bit of a “love-hate” relationship, but the machine and I did eventually build some kind of understanding and started to head towards friendship.  Certainly I have a lot of respect for those that can really drive these machines with confidence and I was inspired to see what the second year students came up with. Kristina kindly let me share some pictures from her brilliant presentation…

Happy Knitting – Machine or otherwise!


4 responses to “Machine Knitting

    • Thanks Paula! The machine and I don’t always agree but we are getting there! 😉 Hope things are well with you and I shall pop by and see what you are up to, too… 😉 /Christina

    • Thanks so much, Nicola! Glad you liked the fish! 😉 I was worried they might be “too much” but they got a good reception at the presentation today and an extra thumbs up from your good self. 🙂 Yes, really am lucky to study knitting and to take my love of textiles a step further in life! Thanks for popping by!/Christina

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