Photography with a knitting twist…

Ent 18

Today we had a photography workshop.  First there was a series of photos of my Entrelac project.  Still sitting on my needles in an array of delicious colours, including the multi-coloured “dark caramel” treat in Kampes garn (yarn.)

Christina Entrelac white background


Helped by our teacher, Linnea, we set up large bright (and hot!) lamps (with and without umbrella) and smaller spot lights without the main lights to get different lighting effects.

Entrelac close up.

Ent 21

Ent 14

Large lights with white backdrop.

The editing process started at school with Photoshop but I couldn’t get the free trial version to download at home.  I thought it was worth sharing the images from today as they stand.  It is amazing what a white backdrop and good lighting can do for an indoor shoot!  All these images come from my LG mobile phone camera.

Ent 8

Entrelac and yarn “sculpture.”

Venturing outside in the scenic, historic streets that surround our school in Djurgården, there were a few lucky rays of sunshine to brighten up the yarn with added reflections from touches of snow.

crochet round

Outdoor crochet mandala.

inside crochet

Inside, small lamps only.



mitten door 5

Blue door emphasises my mitten‘s hues.

mitten door 4

mitten plant

Mitten in a bush, unedited.

mitten door 6

Mittens hanging on…

to the left scarf

Blue door highlights blue in my scarf.

I just caught the last of the sunlight as I walked towards home.  Using a panaromic shot and 2 Instagram pictures my phone, I captured the last moments before the sun finally set on Stockholm for today…




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