HV Skola Week One: Textile History and Inspirational Visits

Hello again!

It has been a packed first week at knitting school! My previous post was a focus on the techniques we learned and here I’d like to share some yarn-related inspirations from our history lessons at school and on two visits.

We are situated directly opposite the cultural and historical centre that is Skansen.  Our first afternoon out was just a couple of minutes away and then a good couple of hours walking around.  We saw live demonstrations of the very oldest traditions in making linen, coloring yarn, spinning and felting while also getting to see really old pieces of traditional Swedish dress and costumes.  Having our expert teacher on hand gave us even more of an inside view.

Skansen in Pictures:

We also had an intensive introduction to textile history through a powerpoint presentation by a leading historian from Uppsala University and then a chance to look at historical pieces of embroidery.

Textile History at School:


Then we had a visit to Nordiska Museum.  Another really amazing historical centre and again within walking distance, a bit along the main road…

There were several drawers containing artifacts in all the handicraft disciplines: weaving, embroidery, crochet and of course, knitting.  There was a online search facility but it was just as fun to go along and see what was hidden inside each cabinet of drawers.  We also went along to the exhibits tracing the history of textile and fashion.  A really interesting visit but as the museum was so hot and stuffy we were all rather relieved to finish and pop out for a recuperative fika.*

Nordiska Museum Visit:


*fika is a very Swedish past-time of a beverage and something yummy with it.  A classic example is coffee and cinnamon bun but of course many variations are on offer. *

By the end of the week, we also had our first assignment knitting sign in place after careful sewing by our teacher.  Each student was assigned a letter and I improvised the second “N.”

Stickning studio

I realised I had not really used short row techniques necessary to make twists and turns to make it all in one piece.  Well, I have learned from that, and found a really useful and free pattern on Ravelry.  I have set about making some letters using this pattern as a learning tool and as the basis for another project.  More on that later another time… 😉


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