Woolly Willies!

Yes attention grabbing headline for this surreal knitted labour of love: Tickled Pink video

This short animated film is basically an innuendo-packed bit of very British naughtiness. It is obvious with the jokes but well put together with an amazing eye for detail. Just how long would it have taken to knit all those characters, animals and detailed backgrounds? I was involved in an animation project once as a schoolgirl and I remember how painstaking the process of moving my own figures frame by frame to get just seconds of film in realtime!

Got to try to entertain myself somehow since I am still banned from knitting.

A fun film for those of us yarn obsessives with a sense of humour.  And a very old style seaside postcard British type of humour at that. I do find the individual characters very charming, woolly willies aside! The little sandals with socks inside, the string of pearls, the quotes from the bible of wool…

Anyway, take a peek and see what you think.


6 responses to “Woolly Willies!

  1. This is brilliant, I love all of the small details! The pearly King and Queen, the chalk man & the silly double entendres 😀

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