Yarn domination v distraction

Swede and I have been making some home improvements.  Progress has been made as I have my armchair with directional lamp in place and crafting trolley ready to rock and roll.

On doctor’s orders to rest my hands so we have tried some distraction therapy. A walk here and there, a cup of coffee (Swedish fika), a bit of a look around Djurgården one day and a visit to the library today…

Trouble is, the yarn shop was right next to the library and I did have specific project needs. A backing wool to join the granny squares and a wine red yarn suitable for another hat order for dearest Julie. As I am meeting her soon (a rare treat) I thought if I did some knitting I could go for a light weight, small project in extra soft yarn: so red alpaca plus light grey contrast plus small circulars. And there was a Drops sale so…

No helping some people! I know…

(It’s 7pm and no knitting so far today…sigh.)


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