Mandala, take one.

The first attempt at Wink’s Summer Hearts Mandala pattern: Acreativebeing website or search on Ravelry.

Wink's Summer Hearts Mandela

Wink’s Summer Hearts Mandala

I am not used to reading crochet patterns as I usually improvise with hook in hand. Knitting is my primary craft but I relished the chance to make something by the book. It was very satisfying to reach each round ending with the exactly right number of repeats or stitches. I am used to guesswork and fudging.

It can also get confusing as UK and US crochet terminology is different. As a Brit I find most online sources – written and video – refer to the US terminology, as this pattern does. I have to admit (just this once!) that the American terms make more sense. So far, anyway.

This photo shows my first go. Not bad, but I see room for improvement. Great excuse to make some more and I have already purchased another of Wink’s / Marinke’s designs. Wink’s pattern made it so much easier as step by step pictures are included.

The colour combo is my own using Drops Paris and Drops <3You5. The original design used more repetition of white (where I used beige or changed colour again.) Maybe I will stick closer to the original next time, or maybe it will evolve in another way. These little colourful wheels are the ideal medium for colour experimentation and expression.

I hope Marinke would have approved. Thinking of her and grateful for her guidance in crochet and inspiration in design.

#mandalasformarinke #mandalasforwink


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