Hidden Treasure!


I have started my summer break with a visit to my folks in the north of Sweden.  It such a beautiful part of the country that it is hard not to be inspired by the surroundings.  My mum is a fellow knitting and crochet nerd with quite a substantial stash in need of sorting.  So, I rolled up my sleeves today to lend a hand.  We found a few skeins of delicious angora yarn that she kindly donated to me in readiness for my life as a knitting student at HV Skola. More on that here: https://garnharmoni.com/2015/05/22/accepted-into-textileart-college-to-study-knitting/

Anyway, as we went through about the fifth box I saw a rather sorry-looking plastic bag full of holes filled with colourful granny squares, just visible, peeping out at the opening.  Taken aback I asked if it was my mother’s own handiwork.  No, she said, it was a cheap find at the local Red Cross from ages ago and it had sat there forgotten.

The pictures show a fine selection of neatly made and diligently organised squares.  This led me to wonder how these squares landed at the charity shop’s door…  The most likely is that they are a donation from a family member from maybe a granny-type granny square maker.  Mum has passed the granny square baton to me so now I am charged with creating the very best I can from this unfinished symphony.

The number of squares and the fact they are so ordered by colour points towards an afghan. In fact the type, thickness and quality of yarn is almost exactly that of the yarn I used in the large restoration project of a very old blanket in need of repair: https://garnharmoni.com/?s=restoration  This also points towards it being an older person with a taste for more old-fashioned material and style.  Then again, I like old-fashioned and I am not that old.

All of this is supposition and guess work.  The main thing is I am going to take care of these precious squares and I shall do my best to honour the (probable) intentions of their creator.  It will be exciting to see how this turns out. An update will follow in due course!

Happy crochet it is then!


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