Portfolio/ Stickningsglädje.

I have been putting together a portfolio of my knitting and crochet work and I have come to the conclusion that a) I have been more productive than I realised and b) I have a lot of photographic evidence to support my theory of yarn obsession!   So at the risk of a collage overload, I thought I would share these reflections of knitting/crochet moments.

I have made translations in the photo captions as I tried to present my portfolio or “portfölj” in Swedish since I live here permanently I really ought to know my knitting or “stickning” terminology! I was most proud at forming a word by guesswork and finding that it does exist: “stickningsglädje.” The Swedish language is full of compound words (sometimes there are rather long words that are tricky to say.)  The plus side is that words are put together and you can really say what you mean in one go: “sticknings” = “knitting’s” + “glädje” = “happiness.” 🙂  Happiness through knitting.  (The closest to “ä” is like “eh” or like “yeah” without the y, the “j” is soft so it sounds like: “stickningsgleehdya” – kind of!)

I hope you enjoy them and wish you all “stickningsglädje” from a rather sunny Stockholm!


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