The Best Knitted Christmas Decorations

Monster Yarns

Christmas is very firmly just around the corner and there is no point ignoring it. And if you give in gracefully, it is possible to make the most beautiful decorations for your home and presents – and there is still time!

For those who, like me, are perhaps not the best prepared for the festivities, here is a list of what I consider to be the Best Christmas Decorations I found (with patterns). Hope you enjoy them.

1. Pint-Sized Pines
These little beauties are a wonderful way to decorate tops of bottles given as presents – a thoughtful and quick make to reduce your left-over yarn stash AND no need for wrapping paper.

pintsizedpines2. Knitters’ Christmas Baubles
I can’t think of one knitter who wouldn’t be delighted with these types of Christmas baubles. Makes me smile from ear to ear! Anyone out there who has some spare time to make…

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