New techniques: Mosaic Knitting




New techniques are always fun to learn and always a nice surprise to find. As an experienced knitter in Fair Isle/double stranded knitting I was intrigued by an article I read today when, by chance, I passed a magazine shop which sold knitting editions imported to Sweden in English. This American magazine, Knitscene, had a chapter on Mosaic Knitting and I am already enjoying the process of knitting in this way.

It involves slipping the stitch from the stripe in the row below and keeping the yarn tucked out of the way either behind or in front, depending on if you are on the right or wrong side row. It sounds infinitely more complicated to explain than it is in practice.

However, because this involves regular slipping of stitches, I did find my first swatch was looking too stretched and loose as I was using cotton. After a few rows I unraveled and switched to some acrylic yarn scraps which works better and, of course, real wool would be a cosy option when confident with the new technique.

There are some great starting points in this magazine and I look forward to trying out my own designs soon. The key thing is both colours must be included on every pattern row as the contrast colour is slipped along from the row below.

I am going to enjoy the learning and creative process.

Happy knitting!


3 responses to “New techniques: Mosaic Knitting

    • Hi! Yes it is well worth looking up and it is quite easy to pick up the new technique. Be warned though – it is pretty addictive! Let me know if you make anything in mosaic knitting in the future! ūüôā

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