More Unfeasibly Easy-To-Knit Christmas Decorations

Some festive ideas! 🙂

the twisted yarn

Hmm, I never expected this knitting blog to embrace Christmas quite so enthusiastically (we’re talking kisses-on-both-cheeks-and-a-hug levels of enthusiasm, right now). But here is the third and last of my posts on ridiculously easy-to-knit Christmas decorations. And just to reassure all those tinsel-deniers out there, I’ll be back to normal by next post.

Continuing in the vein of festive decorative knits for beginners and children, and those who just want their decorative makes to be unchallenging, I give you, (i) knitted ‘paper’ chains, that’ll last a whole lot longer than those sticky paper ones you had as a child; (ii) knitted candles that are extremely unlikely to burn the house down, and (ii) knitted wreath decorations for your tree.

Righto, let’s start with how to knit a paper chain.

knitted paper chain knitted paper chain

The knitting couldn’t be any simpler. You’ll need to knit strips that are 20cm wide and 4cm long. Your…

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