Crochet Comfort Cushion

Hello All!

Long time, no see! In the dark grey that is November here in Stockholm (apparently the worst in years for lack of sunshine!), I have cheered myself up with an improvised cushion in cotton crochet. Just four basic Granny Squares, treble stitch all around in cheery colours, black contrast and background. Then continued onwards in one piece with a few rows of half treble crochet in black for a seam, then lots of colourful treble crochet rows, more black half treble crochet rows at the top. Then I folded the long piece in half before sewing up the sides in black, slipping in the stuffing and then sewing up the top. I did a bit of crochet around the top so that it fit and fudged it a bit but it seems ok. (Please note: UK terminology for the crochet.)

I received a lovely message from a Facebook friend last night who says that his wife had spotted some early pictures of this project (on my personal page) and was inspired to begin a project of her own! This inspires me and perhaps was the prompt I needed to write up this project in case anyone else out there would like to try this. Please do let me know if you try it or come up with some improvements. It is official: yarn crafting is great therapy and connects people near and afar!

I hope to share more projects soon. I have been unable to keep as up to date as I’d like with life, work, health and the universe. However, my constant companion throughout is my knitting, crochet and even weaving. Hope everyone is staving off the dark weather blues with some splashes of colourful creativity!

Best wishes from Stockholm and happy crafting!


4 responses to “Crochet Comfort Cushion

      • Yes thanks. Really cold today and no sunshine here either so looking forward to getting our christmas tree this weekend 🙂 Did I tell you that the lovely Beshley’s Yarn Shop in Bristol that I blogged about closed in the summer – such a shame. Thought you woukd be interested. x

      • Oh, that is a pity as the shop looked very nice from your blog, if I recall. There are quite a few shops to pick from here in Sweden though it isn’t so cheap, especially for things like knitting needles. Of course, I always keep an eye out for anything on “rea” (sale) and admittedly have a decent stash… 😉

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