Crochet comforts


Long time, no blog. It has been a period of ups and downs healthwise, hence radio silence over the past months. I am glad to say that my constant companion – crafting with yarn – has been a big help.

I thought I would share my latest project – a crochet poncho that I found on Ravelry.

It was the perfect outlet for some crochet practice in a variety of stitches and a bit of improv in colour, as my stash of cotton allowed.

This is a great idea by Stacey Daze on Ravelry and it is not at all prescriptive in how it should be made.

The pattern is the starting point to begin your own creative process.imageimage

this is a fun project and cosy and rather stylish to wear! I already had a compliment from a stranger sitting nearby at an outdoor cafe. She noticed that I was surreptitiously tucking in a few loose ends (I only finished it today) so did quite an “unStockholm” thing and she started a conversation. She asked if I’d made it myself and was impressed when I said that I had. Things were going really well until I noticed that I had managed to get bird poo on it, on this sunny first outing. The gardens where I was having fika (Swedish for drinking coffee) attract a lot of feathered opportunists looking for a few cake crumbs to nibble on or, apparently, to use large woolly targets as en suite facilities.

I actually find a lot of people speak to me, especially if I have a knitting or crochet project on the go. Also I think it is because of my “charming” English accent while speaking Swedish. Or maybe I just have that kind of face. Who knows?


Anyway, check out the Ravelry link above and get creative!


2 responses to “Crochet comforts

    • Haha! Yes yarn brings people together and I am glad you had a laugh too! 😉 I am feeling very brightly coloured as I sit on the underground train… A woolly hug from Stockholm. 🙂

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