Crochet Creations in Norway



Last summer, my friend Julie was a beautiful model for my newly-made hats that I had designed in cotton based on traditional Granny Squares:

Julie and I first met at Birka Folkhögskola ( where she was studying classical singing whilst I was trying to master folk music on the clarinet.  Now, Julie is at a prestigious music conservatory in her native Norway and recently won a chamber music competition.  Having had the pleasure of hearing Julie sing live, I have no doubt she will be successful in her musical career.  We shared the same hall of residence at Birka and I have happy memories of folk music inspired jam sessions in the evenings, a cappela singing in the kitchen, and many a cups of tea in one of our rooms drooling over Mr Darcy on DVD…

Anyway, Julie has spread the Garnharmoni love across the border from here in Sweden to Norway.  One of her Norwegian friends, Åshild, liked Julie’s crocheted hat in toffee-brown mix with red so much that she ordered a hat too – in red but with free reign to add any other colours I liked. That is a spec I like – lots of creative freedom! I made the hat some time ago so was very happy to have these pictures sent to me this week from another happy customer enjoying her light cotton hat, perfect in the spring season.

Here’s to more spring sunshine and crochet creations!


4 responses to “Crochet Creations in Norway

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for the kind comment! The first four photos came via mobile phone so I did a bit of editing on pixlr (free online) to bring a bit of extra colour and sparkle. 🙂 The other pics of Julie are from an earlier shoot on my good camera with great weather bringing lots of natural light. Both Norwegians make perfect models. 🙂
      I hope all is well with you and I will pop by your blog to see how you are doing… 😉 /Christina

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