The perils of repetition…

I have been offline over the hols, both literally and otherwise, but, hopefully, it’s not to late for a: Happy New Year!

I noticed at the end of term some pain in my right hand, centred around my thumb.  I believe it may have begun through – dare I say it? – the repetitive action of knitting.  Then, I was also playing and practising quite a lot of piano in readiness for leading a concert at school as choir leader and accompanist.  I recently had my keyboard sent to my relatively new abode in Stockholm; a renewed love affair with playing piano again.  However, I didn’t listen enough to the twinge in my thumb.

So, now it is NO KNITTING for a while.  DISASTER!   What awful timing!  To be on Christmas break in the cold, grey north of Sweden (visiting my folks in Jämtland) with a new stash of yummy Nepal yarn and pattern at the ready.  The log fire was burning brightly and cosy cats purring on standby to make ideal crafting condition… yet, even a small amount of repetitive movement was making things worse.  I couldn’t do more than a row or two.  And that was probably too much.

Now I am back home, soon to return to work and ideally needing to play some piano before choir begins again.  And really I just want to play music.  I guess it is wise to wait.  But I so much want to play!

And, in two weeks I am signed up for an intensive folk music weekend playing the clarinet.  The holding position requires the weight of the clarinet to be placed on that darn right thumb…  Ironically, in Sweden, when wanting something good to happen or wishing good luck they say they “hold their thumbs” – well, I am certainly holding mine!

I am trying to look on the bright side:  I did manage to play clarinet at a fun folk jam, even a bit of a Scottish jig!  Plus, “down needles” means a chance to read more, at least. I also managed to both drive and walk on the worst conditions I have ever faced in ice-ridden Jämtland without falling and doing myself even more of an injury (touch wood and all that jazz to avoid actually doing this in future.)  Ridiculous mild temperatures around zero and rain  that refreezes does not make for a cosy winter wonderland!   There isn’t even a sniff of snow here in Stockholm, either.  Strange.

Have any of you out there in the crafting world suffered from repetitive strain injury?  Do tell me your story or any tips on how to deal with knitting deprivation!!  Enjoy – but beware the perils of those needles and hooks!


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