Slipping Stitches

Hello!  Well, it has been too long since the last blog update.  And, slipping stitches?  It is really literally the perils of a tired knitter on the go who has made quite a few mistakes of late.  Yes, it happens to the best of us!

As usual with crafters, I am multi-tasking between projects.  (There is also an unpictured (but finished) project done recently, but I am keeping it private as it will be a Christmas gift.)

So, project one, the beautiful fabel colours to make a scarf for my sambo (Swedish word literally meaning “same-living” – so, in other words, my other half, my Swede!)  It was supposed to be for his birthday which was in November, but this project is taking much longer than I predicted.  That is because this very fine and thin yarn on 3.5mm circular needles has a hefty cast on for each square but, thankfully, every alternate row there is a decrease in the very middle.  This creates a very nice texture and shape in a lovely array of multi-stranded colours.  The pattern called “Domino Square” is from Drops and can be found here:

I have noticed there are other great patterns on the Drops website under “domino square” patterns.  Worth a look!

Knitting in thin yarn takes patience but the end result is very striking.  I guess this really is a labour of love! At this rate, perhaps Swede will have his scarf for Christmas!  And very handsome he will look too wearing this beautiful palette of greens, blues, greys and yellows.

I got the circular ProKnit needles from the very helpful Ingela at Systugan in Östersund.  She had lots of advice and a great choice of Drops yarn in the town centre at Stortorget on my last visit.  One tip: be very careful to screw in the interchangeable knitting head to the circular loop.  There is a screw key provided.  I didn’t do this very well on my first go and had to cut away my work at the beginning and start again!  Once in securely place though, these are great needles.  I am also impressed by the fixed Drops small circular needles for my hat – they are metal but very ergonomic – a smooth ride on every round!

Project two, is an order by a Canadian for a maple leaf inspired hat and handwarmer set.  This is not the first go, I must admit, as I had problems with getting a larger motif to work in the round with such a long gap between colour changes in the stranded knitting technique.  I made a new chart of my own which includes a few stitches here and there of white contrast which is a practical to allow the yarn to weave in and out more easily and adds a few touches of design as well.  I am hoping I can make a suitable matching pair of handwarmers to keep this Canadian warm in the cold Jämtland north where she now resides.  This lovely red and white combo of Nepal yarn, also Drops, is sure to be toasty warm.

I will be up there in Jämtland for Christmas to see my folks, cats and friends in the north.  It is the perfect setting for cosy log fires, cups of tea and a stitch or two…

Happy crafting!



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