Many strands and a few knots…

The many strands refers to the multi-tasking existence I have at the moment doing three different jobs.  The knots sadly are a reference to the pain in my back that I have suffered since the weekend.

Work wise, I am employed as a classroom English teacher at one school where I am also a choir leader.  I have just started two new choirs across the whole age range (aged 7-9, and aged 10-12.)  Both groups are led by me bi-lingually in both English and Swedish.  It is a challenge, but lots of fun, and so far the response has been very encouraging.

That pretty much covers my mornings.

Then there are some evenings and weekends to prepare, plan, mark, do chores.  Sleep a bit.

In the afternoons, I visit several schools in the same district of Danderyd, an affluent, leafy suburb of Stockholm.  I travel by underground and overground trains, bus and on foot, all winds and weathers.  Today was rainy, damp, cold and involved a stunt driver taking speed bumps to a new level on the bus ride home. This was in stark contrast to the fresh, warm, glorious, golden colours in autumn sunshine which was perfect for walking and snapping a picture or two.

Commuting can be long and tiring, especially on the underground which is cramped and uncomfortable on the good days.  On the bad days, it is a claustrophobic, jolting, manic, rushed, ear-piercingly screeching ride.  Being the first to spot any available seat on the “t-banan” underground is not far off a contact sport and it is a case of survival of the fastest.  The other requirement is an ability to read minute body-language clues as to who is getting off next and ideally includes a flexible body not laden down with heavy bag to be able squeeze into a tight spot.  I am highly skilled in the first area but score badly in the latter two which leaves me mostly standing – or swaying – with various elbows, arms, bags, i-phones and blank expressions in my face.  Luckily, Stockholmers smell nice.  As winter approaches, fewer of the smart-casual-but-well-turned-out-and-rather-fit-brigade (including my Swede) will cycle to work so this is a situation that will get worse.  I am already beginning let trains pass as they are bursting at the seams and too full to even attempt to board.

Hey-ho, Eskimo!

Well, I am not getting much time – as you might imagine – to do my beloved knitting.  I recently spotted a bargain buy of Eskimo yarn when a I saw on my first trip to the very friendly Garnverket shop ( there was a Drops clear out sale.  Well, well, the toffee cream colours were very yummy and the buttery, golden yellow a lovely contrast colour reflecting the autumn leaves around me.  I can never resist a bargain so I cleared out the basket of 20 x 50g balls (14 in toffee mix, 6 in yellow) and then found a pattern on the Drops website.  You can see the pattern in English here:

This is a thick yarn and on size 9mm needles on the round it grows really fast. Both the thick size plus the addictive quality of circular knitting is making this a fast knit, even though I haven’t had much time. The pictures show in the early stages, this was a knit “on the go” but now it is too heavy and large to take with me so I can only knit on the weekends or in between working at home…

What are on your needles at the moment and are they straight or circular?  Happy knitting!


One response to “Many strands and a few knots…

  1. Well, the weather seems perfect for knitting, especially with that nice cake and a good cuppa: well deserved after a hard days work and busy commute with unwelcome ‘krams’ ;0) And I agree, you cannot let a bargain go by, beautiful yarn and beautiful pattern. Knuf, Johanna

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