Autumnal Inspiration

In my life as a travelling English teacher I am always on the go.  The best part of my day is any time I get to leave the shuddering, cramped, overbearing, i-phone-zombie-esque underground train and actually step out into the outside world.  Even a switch to the overground train is a relief as it allows a clear view of a satisfying multi-coloured blur, passing by without the confined, squashed, airless existence underground on the T-Banan (underground.)   On my travels, I take a look out of various transportation windows and enjoy, for the first time, the vast array of colours that makes autumn what it is in Stockholm.

It is never very long before I have to either a) go on another bus or train or b) go inside and start teaching again.  But in a cunning plan, I managed to combine indoor and outdoor life by getting my students to pick up leaves from their very leafy, affluent playground/woodland areas and use artwork rubbing leaf motifs in crayon as a starting point for writing poetry reflecting the beauty of this colour-rich season.

I am also lucky enough to have woodland near home and, yesterday, Swede and I took a trip to an art gallery:  The artwork inside was very nice but I actually was more inspired by the splashes of colour on the canvas of trees, sky, ground and water, supplied by mother nature outside.

Here are a few autumnal pictures for a bit of inspiration.  They include some pictures from the better camera on weekend walks and phone camera snaps from some of my travels between various schools in the leafy suburbs of Danderyd.


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