Beret nice in Autumn

I have a little bit of extra soft, multi-coloured yarn, “Verona” by Cewec, in my stash for some time.  I decided to knock out a quick beret, using a free pattern on Ravelry, “Spring Beret” by Natalie Larson.   I made an easy switch from spring to autumn just by using a thicker yarn.   The result, a nice and cosy, cute beret in a lovely array of colours.  It was a super quick, easy knit too!

I used larger circular needles than I would have liked as not one, but two circular needles have broken recently.  I am always very careful with my equipment so I think there is a design fault in the set of needles I was given very kindly by my Mum as a present.  So, any suggestions for a good replacement brand for circular needles that is not too costly?

In hindsight, I would have reduced the number of cast on stitches.  Although this is intended as a slouchy hat, the brim is a little bit loose on my average-sized head!  This was noticeable when the autumn breeze caught me unawares a couple of times on my walk in the woods today.  It was a case of: hold on to your hats!

Anyway, it was very nice to have a walk with Swede through the woods near to the apartment.  Despite living in a capital city we are never far from nature for a blast of air and inspiration.  Photographs today reflect rather grey skies and only occasional breaks of light, but still show brilliant flashes of autumnal colour and are a nice reminder of the walk.  I didn’t manage to catch a picture of the squirrel scrambling up a tree but did manage to snap a timid deer from afar… can you see him in two of the photos?

Wishing all a very nice weekend!


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