The lengths one goes to…

Well the poncho grew pretty quickly and I cast off quite a few days ago.  The “loose ends” are still a work in progess, however!  Trouble is the “large” size is not all that large.  In fact, it is rather short and rides up with the stranded knitting.  I don’t knit to a tight tension but the strands want to pull back inwards and upwards.  I guess I will have to find a way to block and stretch this into shape.  I am not so experienced in blocking techniques so it is really about time I learned!  Any tips?

Meanwhile, I used a crochet border to add a bit of extra length.  I started with some brightly coloured tassels but then was not sure it was the look I wanted – or the amount of effort for such a fiddly job, to be honest.  Maybe my prolongued illness put me out of a cheery tassel mood…

The Nepal yarn is soft, in a beautiful array of colours and it is a pleasure to work with.  I have more in my stash so thinking of new Nepal-esque projects.  I also have a possible order, in that beautiful dark red!

I think there is a mathematical equation that calculates the number of days home sick to the number of books ordered online at Amazon.  In addition to those very fine knitting editions – very inspiring material! – I got a couple of reading books in English for me and a collection of short stories in Russian as a present for my multi-lingual Swede.  These books are really beautifully presented with detailed patterns, photography, information, inspiration and stories.  I am particularly inspired by the vintage book of patterns.  It is amazing to see how many more wonderful discoveries there are to be found in yarn and so many more techniques to master.

I am hoping to be fit enough to return to work on Monday but meanwhile I am taking comfort from all things yarn-related and even have another new project on the go.

Here is to lifelong learning and more harmonious moments in yarn.  What will be on your knitting needles this weekend?


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