Poncho in progress…

With my beloved Drops Nepal yarn stash transferred to – and then spilling over –  my rather too modestly-proportioned yarn basket, I thought it time to get on with a long-intended, larger project – a poncho from Drops design.  It is the perfect time to start as autumn is suddenly upon us here in Sweden, and with it a chill in the air even though we are still treated to bursts of sunshine, here and there.

It is also the perfect time because I am home alone while my sweet Swede is way up north in my Swedish hometown, Östersund, singing in his choir.  He actually bought the lovely autumnal flowers (pictured) which have brightened up the living room in seasonally inspirational colours. I am somewhat slowly recovering from a nasty virus that has left we rather weak and wobbly at the knees.  I have already poorly last weekend and this was made worse when neighbours had a noisy bash until 4am.  This was followed by this past week staying home from work.  I am feeling an underlying pressure to be fit for Monday but honestly feel I am not on track to be recovered by then.   Unfortunately, illness and its subsequent recovery does not work to a timetable, even if the poor teacher affected by it is supposed to.  I can sit here and worry about that (and I do, periodically) or I can focus on something else…

Well, “the something else” is my soft, cosy, warm, and pretty poncho in progress.  The Alpaca mix in Nepal yarn, my favourite Norwegian brand, gives an extra soft, luxurious feel and the dark red is a beautiful colour.  The contrast colours are going to be decided as the piece grows but I have a few ideas and would love to incorporate my limited supply of warm yellow into the mix.  The original pattern suggested chocolate brown as the base, which is as delicious as it sounds!  However, at the time I bought the yarn that colour was out of stock and I don’t see using the red as a poor second choice as it is another favourite of mine.

The poncho is growing a rapid rate only possible from a somewhat crazed knitter, at home sick, working through the day and night (in between spells of sleep and rest), while watching back-to-back episodes of English legal drama on DVD.  I started the cast on – 312 stitches!- and rib section late on Thursday night and began in earnest only yesterday.   Occasionally, I sit through very short bursts of terrible Swedish daytime TV, which after a while becomes somewhat marginally better English daytime TV, with the many imported shows airing here.

The sun is shining and this nice weather is teasing me as I look out the apartment windows.  But my legs and body are feeling rather shaky through this frustratingly slow recovery process and I know I have to take my chance to rest, rest, rest and knit a bit for sanity.  If I am lucky, I might be able to pop around the block and, like yesterday, I can always wrap up and sit out on the balcony now and then to get the injection of fresh air I need.

It is a real pity that the only way I have managed to get back into my passion of knitting since the big move, is through being forced to get a to full stop and then stay at home sick.  It has been an intensive few weeks trying to hold down two challenging jobs and to make the weary commute around the big city.  A period of adjustment.

So, I live and learn.  Time to focus on what I can do right now, rather than what I can’t do.   And, at the moment, I can – and love to – knit!  The poncho – and coffee – is calling…

Happy crafting and a happy weekend to you all!


2 responses to “Poncho in progress…

  1. Truly a lovely pattern to admire and the warm of the red to inspire. Should keep you cosy when going to work on a chilly morning now that winter is rapidly approaching. Love the flowers too. Good luck with your project

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