Garnharmoni is back!

There have been many changes afoot in the life of this humble crafter and yarn addict.  Not least, a move to a new city, Stockholm, and living with my sweet Swede.  Then the not-so-small matter of starting not one, but two, new jobs.  I am an English teacher in several schools and soon will start up two new choirs.  It has been an exciting change and challenge, but an exhausting one.  I have spent a lot of time commuting, but my yarn has not travelled with me. Long story short: knitting, crochet and all things Garnharmoni had to go “on hold” for a while.

Unfortunately running on high stress and low energy has resulted, somewhat unsurprisingly, in sickness.  I am signed off for the week to try to recover from a virus that has knocked me sideways.

In between resting and some rougher patches, I have managed a few spells of crafting and reading.  Great escapism.  Again, I find therapy in yarn – both the wool kind and a good story.

The pictures show the result of picking up my knitting needles again over the last couple of days.  Oh yes and my crochet hook for the edging.  First, I had to retrieve my stash that I had packed into my cajon drum – a clever way to transport yarn and one of my musical instruments on the big move.  I also spotted this cute basket at Ikea a couple of weeks ago – it had stood empty for far too long!  Time for yarn action again!


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