Syjunta sällskap och systerskap (Sewing-circle company and sisterhood)

A week ago I posted on my first ever “syjunta” experience – a small group of girls in Östersund meeting up to knit, crochet, chat, drink coffee.  One week later, last night, we met for my 2nd, but sadly last time (for the moment) as I am soon moving to Stockholm.  The capital is about 5 1/2 hours or so away by train to the south.

It has been a hectic week, including a visit from my brother who lives in Canada and his new wife, originally from the Phillipines.  They are having their honeymoon here in Sweden and are staying nearby at the artist’s studio featured in my earlier blog entry here: .

I was very impressed from the very beginning when sister-in-law, Roselyn (realising my slight addiction to yarn from seeing this blog), arrived on her visit here, meeting me for the first time, with a heavy bag full of various colourful yarns as a present.  She knew we well already!

I took Roselyn along to meet the sisterhood of crafting and company, the syjunta group I joined only last week.  The very same group who decided that I really shouldn’t be moving next week as we have far too much fun up here….  It was a fun evening talking about life, love, the universe.  You know, usual stuff.  I was the only native English speaker, but it was the mutual language that we all understood, with a few touches of Swenglish here and there.

So here is to family, friends and, in particular, sisterhood companionship, made even better over a cup of coffee and a ball of yarn to hand…

Syjunta group picture (left to right): Anja, Anna, Linda, me, Rakel.


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