Hi folks!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Last night I joined my first ever “syjunta.”  The closest translation is a “sewing circle” and the word “syjunta” sounds like “seeyunta” as “j” has a soft “ya” sound in Swedish. It is a gathering (usually of females!) to meet up and bring something to craft over a coffee.  It doesn’t have to be sewing but anything in the handicraft department.

We were lucky enough to have warm weather and summer light to keep us going sitting outside Tingshuset Cafe in Östersund, long after it had closed.  Their website shows the outside garden and we were under the white canopy:

The thing that struck me (as the newbie), was how easy it was in this relaxed social setting to share stories and discuss the ups and downs of life.  We all had different backgrounds, situations, even languages, but the common threads of yarn and cotton brought us quickly together.

I was pleased how much easier it is getting to switch between speaking English and Swedish.  I am beginning to feel that I get patches of fluency now and it is always good to be a listener, as well as speaker, to pick up language nuances and cultural references.  Of course, some of the group did want to practise their English and I was happy to oblige.  It was a nice Swenglish and crafting evening.  🙂

The images below are of Östersund.  The waterfront is right by the centre…


2 responses to “Syjunta!

  1. Great photo’s. Sounds indeed you had a good time at the syjunta. I am still looking around for one. Did find a great book club though. I agree, making new friends is so much easier if you share an interest. Have a lovely Sunday ♥ Johanna

    • Thanks Johanna! Yes I am lucky to be a musician and that made making new friends easier when I first moved to Sweden. Now being a knitter/crocheter opens up friendships near and far, in person and along the internet waves! 😉 Maybe you could start your own syjunta? This group was small and informal. Or maybe find a “stickcafe”, a “knitting cafe.” Have a nice weekend! Kram, Christina

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