The rough and the ruffle…

The rough and the ruffle.

Well, the rough is that I have had a tough few days feeling, well, rough.  I went for a walk, trying to get into gradual exercise in recovery from a long period of illness.  Anyway, I got bitten when I went through a short section of more dense forest.  For most people, a few mygg (mosquito) bites might lead to some scratching and irritation.  Unfortunately, my body reacts with horrible allergies so my face swelled up on the forehead and over my left eye and a series of bites on my legs also grew to ugly, angry, swells full of heat.  Then this lead to a raised temperature and feeling ill. I am on some antihistamines now and I can see the bumps are reducing day by day.  My swollen forehead/left eye has gone from alien-like, to ugly, to just a bit odd, if you look closely.  The pills are working but making me drowsy.

Anyway, through the rough I have managed some ruffles in between.  Here is an improvised cotton scarf (for myself) using the “Maybelle” pattern I found the other day (see blog entry: “just a cotton pickin minute.)  It can be worn loose or, can be tied closer to the neck with the garter stitch knitted section working well as a ruffle neck…

Unfortunately the mygg in Sweden have the capability to bite through any material in any number of layers so I am not sure if the scarf will add too much protection but still, it is cosy and decorative.  The ruffles through the rough will act as a reminder to “keep my chin up”, quite literally.


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