Crochet and creature comforts…

To cut a long story short, I have had a hard couple of days health-wise.  No details required here, but I mention it as, in between extended periods of rest, I picked up my crochet hook and knitting needles and found the therapeutic quality of crafting, yet again.  It is all about what to focus on, I guess.  And making the best of the situation you find yourself in.

So here is the result of my productivity through recovery over the last two days.  A cheerful, colourful crochet bag to brighten up any day. As usual, this was improvised and the starting point was those trusty granny squares.  I also wanted to use the bright blue (rather strong and sturdy) yarn that my Mum kindly gave me from a recent day trip to Trondheim; she had a few Norwegian crowns over jingling in her pocket before the train home across the border back to Sweden.  Thoughtfully, she spent them on her knitting-nerd daughter rather than her knitting-nerd self!

This is my second bag.  The first one is featured in “thinking outside the square” and has one proud new owner: my aforementioned sweet Mum.  I did experiment this time by picking up stitches from the joined squares onto a circular needle to knit the top instead of crochet.  Though I did add a crochet border.  I also fashioned some little crochet flowers to finish off the tie-cord.  Details, details.

Just as I finished it, the sun finally came out after prolonged wind and grey in the north of Sweden.  Perfect timing for my cat, Mina, to join the photography party.  Where there is sunshine, there is a cat.  Was she impressed with my efforts? Pah, not really.  But did she like the paper wrapper from the bright blue yarn, kindly bought for me by my Mum on a recent trip to Trondheim?  Well, absolutely!  After steering her little naughty paw away from a nearby scrap of still useable green yarn, she was happy enough to play along with the paper.  She also managed to look convincingly uninterested in the new bag beside her.

Whether it be the power napping, the creature comforts, the copious number of cups of tea, or the crafting itself, I do feel somewhat better and hopeful of being on the mend soon…

Yarn harmony.  Yarn therapy.  It works.


7 responses to “Crochet and creature comforts…

  1. Så glad att min lilla present kom väl till pass i din fina väska. Bra jobbat. (Translation for your non-Swedish speaking friends across the world): So glad my little gift was useful in making your bright bag. Well done.

    • Thanks for the kind comments, Claire and Johanna! Perhaps more knitting-crochet combos are a good idea, then. 😉 Glad you both like the bright colours! Kram (hug) from Christina

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