Harmonious holiday…

Well, I am sitting at Arlanda airport in Stockholm sipping a cup of tea in the departure lounge.
Um, departure and terminal. Two rather disconcerting terms for this nervous flyer.
I am on my way to blighty with my Swede. First visit back to England in three years and that was the last time I flew…
Main thing is, I got my wooden crochet hook and yarn stash through security. I will be wrapped up in my cotton scarf, clutching, holding it close for comfort on take off!
Wish me luck!
10 days holiday ahead!




One response to “Harmonious holiday…

  1. It is just a pity that the regulations stops you from using the hook and some yarn while flying which would help to calm you down and also make the time pass faster when travelling. Maybe you can make up for it while going by coach from Heathrow? Have a lovely holiday. ūüôā

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