The yarn most travelled…

My very kind Australian friend – who I used to work with in the UK – sent me an unexpected package of yarn to me in Sweden last Christmas.  The bright colours and light weight inspired me to try my first beret pattern on Ravelry (all credit to Beezy Abbott for the original design.)

I took pictures and even my cats got in on the act, keeping me cosy during the cold Christmas period.  Inspired by these images online, Ally asked if I could make her a similar hat.  However, while I was wearing multiple layers and surrounding myself in extra thick knits at around minus 20 degrees or so in the Swedish winter, she was experiencing around 40 degrees in an Australian summer heatwave.  But sure, a hat is stylish… whatever the weather!  Her wish was my command!

So, without further ado, I designed my own colourwork motif, based on some suggestions of what Ally would like.  I charted my design and then got knitting.  I posted the hat to her, using the very same yarn that she had given me, of course.  There was still plenty left over.

Since then, Ally claims hers is the most-travelled hat in the world.  Apart from the to and fro postage between Australia and Sweden, this hat has been on holiday!  Countries visited so far: France, Belgium and Germany via Singapore.

So for now, this is the yarn most travelled that I know of!

A harmonious yarn moment worth sharing. 🙂


One response to “The yarn most travelled…

  1. Exciting to have the feedback from your friend. Also nice and rewarding for you that your design has been shown off in so many various places. Well done. (Bra jobbat).

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