Knitting on the round, traditional design…


The elk (älg) is very iconic here in the north of Sweden. I charted my own design using traditional motifs. I added simple border patterns that were easy to repeat over a multiple of 5 stitches.
Been a while since I did stranded knitting. Using cotton makes even knitting extra difficult. I probably have made my stranding rather tight this time. Out of practise or focus? Still, it is taking shape… 😉 PS I owe much to the inspiring book by Sheila MaGregor: “Traditional Scandinavian Knitting” which contains countless invaluable charts and fascinating history.


2 responses to “Knitting on the round, traditional design…

    • Thanks very much! Yes, I was a bit tired so not thinking enough about my stranding/ threading in technique at the back. It is a bit tight and not as even as I would have liked. Also cotton is in some ways less forgiving than wool. Still, now I have charted the pattern I can always use it again and an elk is always a hit here in Sweden. 🙂
      The book by Sheila McGregor is well worth getting. I bought it online from Amazon.

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