Crafting-Work-Life Balance

Crafting-Work-Life Balance

I recently got offered a job – as an English teacher in Stockholm. This means a big move down south, sharing a pretty small flat with a handsome, tall Swede. It will be a new start in the working world after 2 luxurious years studying music in the idyllic countryside here in the north. I will need to take a big stash of yarn with me to calm my nerves (but where will I store it?!)
I will be commuting on the Stockholm underground, T-Banan, travelling to various schools in the northern district, starting somewhat south. Sometimes it can be fairly quiet on the T-Banan (loud music blaring from headphones and squeaky train brakes aside) if you travel off-peak. However, during the busy periods, will it be realistic to try crafting with my elbows squashed, yarn tangled, needles crampt, surrounding by the i-phone-plugged-in-trance-commuter-brigade? Maybe it will be out of the question. So, it will be a case of taking a small bag along with me and seeing how it goes as to whether I can really squeeze in a stitch or two – as well as myself – on the train.
How do you manage to get the work-craft balance right? Is it easy to fit in crafting around work or family commitments? How many can knit of crochet on the commute? Let me know your stories!


9 responses to “Crafting-Work-Life Balance

  1. Well…it is matter of finding balance: down time, taking time for other things than work. Re-assesing, re-adjusting, being honest with yourself and with others. And, above all, a positive attitude: really. I have been juggling, family, work, study, moving (12 times!) most of my life. The more positive and the more whine and cheese I let go, the easier it became! Keep sharing girl, you have the talents to give it try! Johanna

    • Thanks Johanna! Yes I understand the need for a positive attitude in life. My situation is further complicated by a chronic underlying health condition that requires scheduled rest during my days. This is actually not so easy in every day life. The job is part-time and I’m lucky this year to have a longer summer break. Unlucky though to be struggling through a relapse. Always good to get your comments, encouragement and insight! Hope your latest move went well. 🙂

  2. Having a full-time job really makes it tricky sometimes to find time for crafts. However, I think if your hobby is important for you, you will always find some time for it. I find crocheting when commuting relaxing on longer trips, however I’m worried all my work will get frogged by accident or all the yarn gets entangled, so I do it rarely.

    A full t-bana can be a challenge! But maybe it is worth a try, especially if you need to change lines and maybe have some waiting time in between. Welcome to Stockholm, by the way!


    • Hej Lida! Bor du i Stockholm då? 🙂 Maybe are yarn paths might cross sometime? I am moving in August. Yes, I also find knitting or crochet relaxing on longer trips like on the train from Östersund to Stockholm, a trip I have a made a fair few times… Sweden is such a big country so it means long train rides and a big bag of yarn!

  3. Long train trips are perfect for meditative crocheting. 🙂 I have also recently moved to Stockholm. Would be cool to have a crochet meet up sometime once you are settled! Good luck with the move!

  4. Hej Lida! Javisst! Absolutely. A crochet meet and fika sounds perfect once I am settled down there. 🙂 By the way, are you Swedish? your name is rather unusual so I am curious! I am a Brit (with a Swedish mother) that has lived in Sweden almost three years. A move to the big city is going to exciting but scary so a yarn friend would be very welcome! Christina

  5. It is most definitely difficult to get the craft/work balance right. And work definitely gets in the way. I crack out the knitting at conferences and during long conference calls. I actually concentrate better that way anyway. My commute is 2 hours so I make on the train. In fact any moment when I’m sitting, it comes out. When you’re working, you don’t notice the stares!
    If I didn’t do this, I’d never get anything finished!!

    • Wow, we crafters are a resourceful and determined lot! 😉 It isn’t two hours commute one way?! Yes, I know about those stares but most are somewhat approving looks, I find… Happy Knitting!

  6. Working a lot makes crafting all that more important. I really started crafting as I gave up work to look after three children. I needed to find a way to give myself permission to sit down as I spent all the time worrying about all the jobs that I should be doing. Crafting means that I am still busy but am sitting down (usually in front of the TV). Good luck in your job. xx

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