Hey girls…! Take a Break.

Hey girls...! Take a Break.

… BUT seriously, it can be a problem.
I have been crocheting intensively lately and I noticed last night that my right hand, especially around the thumb, was feeling sore and tired. Worst timing. I was already stuck at home feeling under the weather. And the weather itself? Well, endless rain the whole day and night…
As a musician, I am aware of the dangers of repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic training has made me think: “listen to your body” and “stop anything that is causing pain.” Immediately.
Also stretching out muscle tensions is best done through opposite motion to the action causing the problem. For a clarinettist like me, the holding position uses both arms forward and upward. A good stretch for me during a break in playing, is to clasp my hands behind my back and pull my arms backwards and downwards. Opposite stretch.
The right hand thumb takes much of the weight of a clarinet so a sore right thumb through crafting is a disaster for music. And vice versa.
It is hard though to be disciplined when doing something that is enjoyable and to remember to stop and stretch during an activity that can easily continue over long periods of time.
So both practising and instrument or crafting can cause trouble if we don’t remember to take the breaks when we need them.
Until then, here is an offer of a virtual hand massage for anyone else in need of cheering up and as a reminder to take it easy.


7 responses to “Hey girls…! Take a Break.

  1. Sound advise! I am an avid knitter and I taught myself to let my work rest in my lap whilst knitting, to ease the strain on my arms and neck. It looks crazy but works wonders;0) But..ohlala…I would prefer that handsome fellow hanging around to give massages on demand!
    Hope the sun will shine very soon for you,Johanna

    • Hi Johanna! Well the rain has finally stopped a while so a little walk might help… I did do a (short) practise on clarinet, somewhat weary – and wary – of tired hand and thumb muscles. No crochet so far today but hopefully I can manage a few stitches later on… Happy and healthy crafting to us all!

  2. Totally agree. I seem to get sore joints after work (computer work) then go straight to knitting on the way home which just makes it worse. I know I should stop one or the other but I can’t give up knitting and work pays for it : )

    • Yes, it is particularly tiring on the hands/fingers if you are on a computer all day… not great for the back/body either so it is important to take stretch breaks, but easily forgotten. Do you knit on your commute then? (You said “on the way home.” ) Do you find it easy to knit on-the-go? 😉 We got to squeeze our crafting in when we can! Take care of those hands, though. 🙂

      • I knit/crochet ANYWHERE. With the end of term coming up there are all those really boring school concerts, sports days, speech days etc to endure. My knitting is out in every one. I most definitely knit on the train – it keeps the weirdos away : ) they all think I’m weirder than them so sit somewhere else. It’s great.

      • Haha! In England I would have been responsible for those “boring school concerts” in my old life as a music teacher (although not too boring, I hope!) Are these the words of an enduring parent? 🙂

      • The bits that my boys are in are infinitely exciting of course but listening to the Junior String scraping their way through a rather advanced piece in a very determined manner is enough to put anyone off! I can’t wait till they both transfer to the upper school and concerts become more enjoyable!

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