Thinking outside of the square…

A new idea.  Take the classic granny square and make four – a bit bigger, more varied in stitches (treble, half treble, double, etc.)  Use up scrap yarn in bright, cheerful contrast colours over a cosy neutral, pale brown base.

Make useful stretchy side panels in blue to join squares, two and two, adding colour, shape and flexibility.

Improvise, add shaping with increases here, decreases there.

So, sew, sew, sew.

Make a row near the top with holes to allow for a drawstring top.  Crochet a simple drawstring.  Crochet a strap, strong and bright.

Tada!  A new crochet bag, just right for a book or two, sunglasses, bits and pieces.  Or perhaps a bag for the yarn balls of latest project.

Improvised design is fun as I never quite know how it will turn out.  The colours certainly brighten up any rainy day or reflect the sunshine here late into the night.  The cotton is strong, soft, cosy.

P.S. Quite hard to photograph so there are a few shots with empty bag or various bits inside.  Music stand made useful replacement for human shoulder…


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